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“Modest reforms to pay and compensation will improve readiness and modernization. It will help keep our all-volunteer force sustainable and strong. Keeping faith also means investing sufficient resources so that we can uphold our sacred obligations to defend the nation and to send our sons and daughters to war with only the best training, leadership and equipment. We can’t shrink from our obligations to one another. The stakes are too high.”

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey

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Too Tempting a Target?

Function 150, International Affairs, did well in the President’s budget request.  It received the biggest increase from FY12 of any agency—$4B over FY12.  The administration also requested an additional $8.2B in OCO funding for State, following-up on last year’s request. 

But the request might jeopardize f150 funding too.  Since the supercommittee failed, the Budget Control Act switches the capped spending categories from security/non-security to defense/non-defense.  F150 is one of the accounts that would flip, moving from security into non-defense.  The administration has proposed keeping the security/non-security divide, requiring Congress to revise the BCA as it currently stands.  But that would put f150 back in a cage with the Department of Defense, who took the third-largest cut, -$5B, any agency received this year.  If Congress follows past precedent, it will be tempted to filch some of the increase from f150 and restore DoD’s cut.