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“Modest reforms to pay and compensation will improve readiness and modernization. It will help keep our all-volunteer force sustainable and strong. Keeping faith also means investing sufficient resources so that we can uphold our sacred obligations to defend the nation and to send our sons and daughters to war with only the best training, leadership and equipment. We can’t shrink from our obligations to one another. The stakes are too high.”

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey

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Stable Service Shares 

We’ve noted how robust the service shares are—for political reasons within the Pentagon.  Given the new defense strategy’s call for cuts to Army and Marines endstrength, many had assumed the service shares would be broken.  Today’s budget roll-out skewered that assumption as the Army’s share of the base budget actually increased by a small margin.  

Some of that stability this year comes just from the complexity of the defense budget.  As Under Secretary Hale said in the press conference, there are a lot of moving pieces.  Still, we probably shouldn’t discount the political reasons if we hope to understand what’s happening.